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What does a 3D printed house cost?

This is the most common question by far. Construction isn’t commoditized, costs for the same product vary tremendously by location even just a few miles apart. As a general rule of thumb I have learned to anticipate a 3d printed house to cost 20-40% more per sqft than traditional methods in your region under ideal circumstances.

Can I get my house printed?

There are companies with printers capable of building houses but there aren’t many of them yet. If there is a company with a printer in your region and you can secure approval from your municipality then you may be able to get a 3D printed house. Currently multiple companies are working on larger projects around the world, these projects may not be custom but hopefully will offer better pricing.

What is the best printer?

This depends on your use case, I have over 50 hrs of free youtube videos about the various companies producing these machines and using them. There is no single tool for every job (yet).

Will you do a video with my company?

Yes! I am eager to feature any companies automating construction on my platform. I don’t charge companies for this, I charge my audience in the form of ads and premium content.