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Apis Cor

Printers designed in Russia, headquartered in the united states. Many projects including placing in multiple rounds of the Nasa space 3d printing competition and a very large office building in Dubai.

Wasp 3D

3d printer company that developed a large 3d printer called the Delta Big. They are capable in printing many materials including a simple mixture of dirt and straw that is extremely affordable and good for the environment.


The bod 2 printer is quite an advanced gantry system. Cobod has the intention of doing module 3d printed construction. They are a one of the market leaders in Europe.

Constructions 3D 

Constructions 3D has a robotic arm printer that resembles a boon. It stands uniquely like a spider and is capable of printing in quite a large radius.

Icon Build

Icon is an American company that has partnered with a non-profit new story to print an affordable housing project in south America. They have also partnered with some united states government programs in Texas

Contour Crafting

Contour crafting is an American company that has partnered with the united states department of defense for emergency relief applications. They are a sleeper pick in the industry, I think that because of their government relationship they are not allowed to share much intel related to their projects.


Mudbots sells the cheapest printer of all the companies on this list. You can buy their printer online for around $30,000.

Rohaco/ swinburne university

6 axis printer designed in collaboration with Swinburne University.


6 axis printer allows them to print forms on surfaces that are not flat. This increases the flexibility for designers and architects who want to push the limits of this new tech.


Claims to be 3D printed but I am unsure what part of their design is supposed to be printed. 


Cerambot is a company that has focused on building 3d printers that print in clay and ceramics but they have developed a large scale model capable of printing in concrete.


This company is only a concept and they have not given any updates in years but their idea was so unique I had to share it. Koala 3D wanted to have many robots in a swarm doing construction together.


This project was to 3D print a small house from plastic. It seems like it was either a temporary installment of just a rendering.


Sika is the biggest company on this list to publicly demonstrate a big interest in 3d printed construction. 

Branch Technology

Unique looking outdoor structures and shapes very large and artsy, Design focused.


Many international projects printing houses


Design and 3D printing services for custom construction elements such as columns, beams, slabs and walls.

Atena (Software)

Determines printability of a model by analysing structural properties.

Twente Additive Manufacting

Medium to large building components like steps or intricate window designs


Biggest 3d printed house in America


Chinese company that has received over $200 million in investment. They have done many projects but do not have the most advanced technology especially considering the total investment. 


Prints square walls


Enrico Dini was the first person to ever 3D print a house in concrete.


Printed a bridge in metal


Prints small parts of buildings as a subcontractor rather than trying to build the entire thing at once.


European space agency did a project with Foster & partners to make this rendering of what a 3d printed moon base could look like.

Total Kustom

Andrey Rudenko took the world by storm when he build a 3D printed concrete castle in his own backyard. This impressive project went viral.


Foam outline that gets concrete poured into it


French company with a printer

Fastbrick Robotics

Conveyor belt system from a boon to pick and place individual bricks


African Company that printed a circular structure with interior supports


Cheapest Printer on market has a medium y and z axis print area but the x axis seems to only be about a foot in their cheapest model. 

3D Printhuset

Used Cobod printer for bod project


Shotcrete extruded onto premade dome, hard to fit into the 3D printing category

AI SpaceFactory

Tera concept for earth and also printed mars habitat concepts


Patent on membrane between layers and wall stack system


Prints smaller wall segments then moves printer to print the next one. 


Larger company demonstrating an interest in 3D printing


House print


Small print


Large retrofit to revitalize building


Unique printer head group of students


Small printed letters high accuracy

Dubox & Witeeven + Bos

Demonstration print witeeven + bos is involved in many other 3d printed projects as well a

ETH Zurich

Unique automated system tying rebar


Robotic arm maybe on a track

Genesis Dimensions

Small scale print proprietary solution

Geopolymer Institute

Studying the future of geopolymer concrete better fire resistance

Imprimere AG Big 3D Printer

Round print suspiciously little footage 

Kamp C

Construction company experimenting with the tech 


Unique mixture to print that has different properties that concrete making it better for printing


Big robotics company that makes many of the robotic arm printers


Large scale PLA projects like this chair. Companies like this will 

Oak Ridge

Large outdoor features

Concrete vase


Small print 

TU/e Eindhoven

University project using gantry style rohaco instead of the robotic arm rohaco that youve seen earlier. 

UC Berkley

Small 3d printed parts assembled by hand into a larger project

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