Reflection on a conversation with Fernando De Los Rios, Founder of Hyperion Robotics

Fernando de los rios may be the only person who has already worked at not one but two 3DCP startups. Many people have heard of Cazza construction but their project never came to fruition. Now Fernando is one of the founders of a company called Hyperion Robotics and they have a fully functioning concrete 3D printer.

We spoke about the printing process, how they build a pop-up factory around the print site to build on site occasionally and the concrete pumps they use. Hyperion uses a Kuka robotics arm as the foundation of their machine. They are working on some really cool projects that include artificial reefs and some exciting future builds that are still under wraps. 

Fernandos startup experience extends beyond Hyperion Robotics and Cazza Construction, he also was a founder at a company called Prix (pronounced ‘pre’) that did grocery delivery. At Hyperion his primary responsibilities are on the business end rather than the hands on engineering but working in this high tech space he has certainly learned very much about the tech. 

Hyperion is a company from Finland where they have a great startup environment to promote innovation and entrepreneurship. If you are interested in getting something printed you can go to

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