How to 3D Print a House

3D Printed Construction has taken the world by storm time and time again, it seems each time a new project launches the world gets even more excited as this technology starts to bring the initial promises of cheap/ fast construction closer to reality at scale. 

In my journeys around the world and of course nearly every state in the USA I have witnessed printing from all kinds of machines. It is incredible to see how many changes are being made to the print strategies they have over short periods of time. I am constantly inspired to continue digging deeper and learning more about automated construction as the issues which inspired me to pursue this in the first place worsen at an increasing pace. Housing costs, construction labor costs, these don’t seem to be temporary issues that are going away. I have been fortunate enough not only to watch these printers live on many occasions but also operate one taking lead on a print. 

On my travels I have in fact seen more 3D printed homes than printers and I make sure to visit them multiple times throughout the construction process so I can see the things that will potentially be hidden by the time the home is complete. To understand 3D printed construction on a beginner level you need to have a grasp on the following things:

3D Concrete Printing 


Printer Operation




Business Models 

Course of Action


I have built a course “How to 3D Print a House for Beginners” which overviews each of the sections above in 200 minutes of video lectures. There are so many printers out there but the course is designed to be a blanket overview for all of them that gives a general picture of the equipment you are likely to find at every job site. Each company is unique is some way so there are variances from the course but the point is to give a firm baseline understanding. 

I see this course platform developing into something that has tremendous group utility as course alumni pursue careers and startups in the 3D printed construction industry. As the small tribe of course members grows I have a roadmap for how I will build out more infrastructure on the website to accommodate the growing group. 

# of GraduatesMilestone
1Wow thank you so much let this be the start of something great for both of us!
5Add Short Quiz at Each Section
10Create Alumni Network Group Chat (Choose chat platform among ourselves)
25New Section “Choose a Material Provider / DIY Material”
50New Section “Choose a Printer”
100Digital Conference Free for Course Members on 3D Printed Construction
2003D Printed Construction Book Release
300One lucky course member gets free vacation night in a 3D printed house
500Create Alumni Network Job Board

The beta version 1.0 was launched yesterday and I have already made some small bug fixes and video updates. I guess you could say we are now on version 1.1, I intentionally set the price far below competing courses for the beta program but once I am sure it runs smoothly the price will increase sharply. By having the patience to be a part of the beta you save money for the same permanent course access that people will be paying double for in the future. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the course members who have reached out to let me know suggestions they have for improvements. 

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  1. Informative article, thanks Jarre, please keep me posted
    Bashar Shibib

  2. Hello sir, I am real estate developer from India. Can you guide me who does home 3D printing job commercially, and would like to work here with us in India ?

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