Icon and Lennar just announced they are moving forward with the largest community of 3D printed homes on the planet! The homes in Georgetown north of Austin, Tx will start around $400k.

Unlike Icons other homes these feature substantial interior printed walls. Each one will range from 1,574 to 2,112 sqft.

I am in touch with Icons PR team and hope to get some on the ground coverage of these projects soon. Check out how many printers they have in action! I count 5 in that picture alone. For years we have speculated on how economies of scale will change the 3DCP process and soon Icon will have the answer!

It’s great to see innovative companies still implementing construction technologies through a downturn in real estate and increasing mortgage rates in the USA. As the construction industry becomes more competitive, the race of innovation is on to create a solution which simultaneously solves housing availability and labor force challenges.

Want to learn more about 3D printed construction? Check out my podcast including an episode with Icon CEO Jason Ballard.

Search the “Automate Construction Podcast” on any platform or watch the interview footage on the Automate Construction Podcast Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4tAnOuT-qqMOm8A8RC44_A

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  1. How long is this project? I am currently working abroad and would love to work as a 3D Printing Technician at Icon. I am planning to return to the US in the summer of 2024, so I would love to join the Icon Team for this project and future endeavors.

    Also, thank you Jarrett for your website, youtube page, and other resources. I have been following you for sometime and your content is fantastic!

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