Over 500,000 workers are exposed to health and safety risks due to the hazardous nature of welding each year in the United States of America alone, one can only imagine the numbers when looked at on a global scale. These risks include overexposure to welding fumes and gases, which can result in serious health issues like cancer, respiratory illnesses, and impairments in speech and movement. Welding also exposes workers to constant risks of burns, eye damage, cuts, crushed toes and fingers, and electrocution, which is the most serious and immediate risk. Skilled welders will become scarcer and it’s even more challenging to keep the welders you have. To bridge the gap across the world, manufacturers are looking to automation and robotics at exponential levels, with forecasted growth of $10 Billion in the next five years. Automating the wielding sector is a little bit more difficult because welding involves fire and heating materials, so the standards are a little bit greater. Nevertheless when there is a challenge, there is an opportunity. Some companies around the world have taken hold of this opportunity and have created relevant solutions that are already being applied.


Path Robotics was founded by Andy and Alex Lonsberry while working on their PhDs at Case Western, after they discovered a massive opportunity to rethink welding in 2014. Path Robotics is an Artificial Intelligence company producing autonomous welding robots based on proprietary artificial intelligence and computer vision algorithms.

The Path system scans and creates a 3D model of each part to be welded, using sensors it detects highly reflective surfaces and survive harsh manufacturing environments. It analyzes the sensor data on the fly to understand each part individually using proprietary AI, and creates quality weld by creating optimal robotic paths and part positioning. With the path robotic system, rework, part placement, perfect parts and robot programming is settled.

Path robotics have ability to learn on the job. The Robotics cells identify the seam and can make adjustments based on the part that is in front of the robot. Real-time feedback and post-weld inspection feed the AI technology to provide consistently optimal weld quality. Path is a true “turn-key” solution to the labor challenges.


SquareDog Robotics is an award-winning Hong Kong-based technology company specializing in smart service robots, it was established in 2018.  SquareDog Robotics mission is to create smart robotic solutions to intuitively complement and enhance man-made work in a whole new way. The company was formerly Welbot Technology before adopting the name SquareDog Robotics. The name comprises of two elements, Square and Dog. Square meaning they are original, self-developed and they develop from the base. Dog meaning Just as a Dog is man’s best friend, their robots is here to assist humans, not replace them.

SquareDog welding robot called SDG ROBO WELDER, uses artificial intelligence to program the welding technique to be used, into the robot. After using a scanner to scan and calculate every weld, the robot emphasis stability and begins to weld. One of its key applications is to assist the worker to execute and perform high quality works to a high degree of precision, with greater safety and ease , therefore resulting in enhanced productivity.

SquareDog robots are light, flexible, cost effective and reasonably priced. No special technique is needed to operate the robots, as it can be operated by a novice worker.

SquareDog robotics has made a lot of impact, since inception. They are dedicated to their mission to enhance man-made works.


Orangewood Labs is a company that designs and manufactures collaborative robotic arms for industrial processes, it was established in 2018 by  Aditya Bhatia and Abhinav Das with the aim to democratize robots, strengthening each maker’s abilities and boosting output on factory floors around the world, they are building AI-powered robotic arms for small and mid-sized industries. Although the industry leader’s robotic arms are far more accurate than orangewood robotics. Not every endeavor calls for perfect accuracy. Currently, they are concentrating on industrial applications including pick-and-place, welding, and spray painting.


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