The housing crisis is one of the most pressing issues confronting society today. Innovation is the only means of resolving the world wide housing crisis. Companies have come up with various methods and solutions to solve this crisis, amongst many BotBuilt has come up with a solution. BotBuilt was founded by Brent Wadas along with his two business partners Barrett Ames and Colin Devine

BotBuilt is a technology based company whose Headquarters is in Durham, North Carolina. It is one of the leading robotics company that uses robotic systems to solve, complex construction problems. BotBuilt aims to solve the problem of Housing shortage in America, by bringing manufacturing innovation of mass production to homes, by utilizing adaptable, efficient robotic systems, specialized hardware, and cutting-edge software and making it possible for homes to be custom made by Robotics arms. This framework enables robotic precision, which enhances productivity, scalability, sustainability, and safety. In BotBuilt’s Durham warehouse, their robot arms build each home framing.

When it comes to building a house, Framing gives your home a shape and structure, it also impacts the quality of nearly every aspect of your home, from mechanicals to interior and exterior finishes. It is also one of biggest time consuming process in construction, one of the highest cost bearing process as far as material cost goes. it sets up everything else in that house and nothing much can be to that house until the framing is done.

BotBuilt Robotics

Robots are great with precision, when building cars, boats and things that require the use of light material like sheet metal, but when dealing with heavy materials such as Lumber, certain features have to be incorporated into the robotics system. BotBuilt Robots deals with Lumber, and they have been able to put the necessary features such as computer vision, motion path planning, tooling systems and collision detectors to enable their robotics system work efficiently.

BotBuilt has developed a software pack that uses two dimensional housing plan or three dimensional housing plan as a baseline. The computer processes the plan and builds up a panel book that shows the number of panel and dimensions of lumber needed to build the house. Once the robot plans its own motion path. They start building based on the housing plan.

The Future of Affordable Homes

While BotBuilt is focused on delivering revolutionary technologies to the robotics and construction industries, they are also motivated by the aim to make the construction process more inexpensive and sustainable.

The BotBuilt robotics systems help to make housing more affordable by reducing cost. When buildings are made using the traditional method, materials quantities are estimated and bought at high cost. BotBuilt systems eliminates wild guess but giving the exact materials need for the constructions, the system is also able to look at the market data, and shows were the material is cheapest at that point in time. Following the accurate assembly of construction frame components by BotBuilt’s robots, framing would be sent on-site to residences for assembly by workers. For builders, this reduces financial costs associated with purchasing wood in smaller (and therefore more expensive) quantities from lumberyards, as well as resources lost due to human mistake during framing. By leaving framing to dependable machinery, builders save time and money in the long run by smoothing the route to home inspections and making it easier for other tradesmen such as plumbers to conduct their work on the home.

The BotBuilt is currently doing wall panels with the sheathing and primary working with developers. They plan on extending their services to include and insulation package and a precut system, were the robots cut out the plumbing and wiring systems. This will involve pre-planning, but the company is keen on solving construction problems that consume time and lots of money.

With Brent Wadas as Chief executive officer, Barrett Ames as Chief technology officer and Devine as COO. They were determined to make housing affordable. Their technology and mission has already getting noticed across the globe, including being accepted into the prestigious YCombinator accelerator for the Winter21 cohort and a cofounder selected for inclusion on the prestigious Forbes 30 Under 30 list for 2023.

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