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Please find below the 2nd installment of the (Industry & Market!) data gathering; all for your perusal 🙂

A. Related/selected news clippings collection:

  1. Tiny house, fine print” – link
  2. The New York Times, “3D Printing Homes” – link
  3. Stratasys introduces Protectam Data Security Platform for US Government and Defense 3D Printing” – link

B. Related current scientific literature collection:

  1. Examining layer height effects on the flexural and fracture response of plain and fiber-reinforced 3D-printed beams
    • Authors: Sooraj A.O. Nair, Avinaya Tripathi, Narayanan, Neithalath – link
  2. A new mortise and tenon timber structure and its automatic construction system
    • Authors: Wentao Qiao, Zexiong Wang, Dong Wang, Long Zhang – link
  3. Extrusion and rheological characterization of cement-based materials containing different types of clays” (MSc Thesis)
    • Authors: Aydın, Eylül Mina – link
  4. Applying 3D Printing as a New Building Technology: Potentials and Challenges in the Egyptian Context
    • Authors: Amr Alaa El-din, Mohamed Ibrahim, Zeyad El-Sayed – link
  5. Developing Mix Proportions for Class C Fly Ash-Based Alkali-Activated 3D-Printed Concrete Mixtures
    • Authors: Fareh Abudawaba, Eslam Gomaa, Ahmed Gheni, Mohamed ElGawady- link
  6. Waste management and possible directions of utilising digital technologies in the construction context
    • Authors: Samad Sepasgozar, Deirdre Frances Mair, Faham Tahmasebinia, Sara Shirowzhan, Heng Li, Amy Richter, Liming Yang, Shixiong Xu – link
  7. Case studies of AI in architecture – Combining Al and BIM in the design and construction of a Mars habitat
    • Authors: Naveen K. Muthumanickam, Jose P. Duarte, Shadi Nazarian, AH Memari, and Sven G. Bilen – link
  8. 3D Printed Formwork for Concrete: State-of-the-Art, Opportunities, Challenges, and Applications
    • Authors: Andrei Jipa and Benjamin Dillenburger – link
  9. 3D-printing of architectured short carbon fiber-geopolymer composite
    • Authors: Siqi Ma, Hualong Yang, Shenjian Zhao, Peigang He, Zuhua Zhang, Xiaoming Duan, Zhihua Yang, Dechang Jia, Yu Zhou – link
  10. Energy Performance of 3D-Printed Concrete Walls: A Numerical Study
    • Authors: Thadshajini Suntharalingam, Irindu Upasiri, Perampalam Gatheeshgar, Keerthan Poologanathan, Brabha Nagaratnam, Paulo Santos and Heshachanaa Rajanayagam – link
  11. Design and Evaluation of Asphalt Concrete Incorporating Plastic Aggregates Fabricated Using 3D Printing Technology
    • Authors: Aamer Nazir, Min-Chih Liao, Yan-Wei Zhu, and Usman Nazir – link
  12. Milling a cement-based 3D printable mortar in its green state using a ball-nosed cutter
    • Authors: James Dobrzanski, Richard Buswell, Sergio Cavalaro, Peter Kinnell, Weiqiang Wang, Jie Xu, John Kolawole – link
  13. Tailoring rheological–strength–ductility properties of self-cleaning geopolymer composites with asphalt emulsion
    • Authors: Yafeng Pang, Xingyi Zhu, Ming Yang, Jiangtao Yu – link
  14. Operational Technology on Construction Sites: A Review from the Cybersecurity Perspective
    • Authors: Muammer Semih Sonkor, Borja García de Soto – link
  15. Reliability and effectiveness of laser scanners in future construction efforts on the Moon and Mars
    • Authors: Jacek Katzer, Czesław Suchocki, Wioleta Błaszczak-Bąk, Paweł K. Zarzycki, Marzena Damięcka-Suchocka- link
  16. Filament geometry control in extrusion-based additive manufacturing of concrete: The good, the bad and the ugly
    • Authors: R.J.M. Wolfs, T.A.M. Salet, N. Roussel- link
  17. Mechanical characterization of 3D printed concrete subjected to dynamic loading
    • Authors: Rosanna Napolitano, Costantino Menna, Daniele Forni, Domenico Asprone, Ezio Cadoni- link
  18. A scientometric review of waste material utilization in concrete for sustainable construction
    • Authors: Waqas Ahmad, Ayaz Ahmad, Krzysztof Adam Ostrowski, Fahid Aslam, Panuwat Joyklad- link
  19. Investigations of the Mechanical Properties of DLP 3D Printed Graphene/Resin Composites
    • Authors: Muammel M. Hanon, Arsany Ghaly, László Zsidai, Zoltán Szakál, István Szabó, László Kátai- link
  20. Machine Sensing for Mineral Foam 3D Printing
    • Authors: Bedarf, Patrick; Szabo, Anna; Zanini, Michele; Dillenburger, Benjamin – link
  21. A 3D-Printing Centered Approach to Mars Habitat Architecture and Fabrication
    • Authors: Matthew Troemner, Elham Ramyar, Jonathan Meehan; Benton Johnson, Nima Goudarzi, Gianluca Cusatis – link
  22. Non-linear rheological behavior of superplasticized cementitious suspensions at high shear rates
    • Authors: Ángel De La Rosa, Lucía Garijo, Gonzalo Ruiz, Rodrigo Moreno- link
  23. Correlation of interlayer properties and rheological behaviors of 3DPC with various printing time intervals
    • Authors: Yanqun Xu, Qiang Yuan, Zemin Li, Caijun Shi, Qihong Wu, Yanlin Huang- link
  24. Shrinkage behavior of cementitious 3D printing materials: Effect of temperature and relative humidity
    • Authors: Mohsen Rezaei Shahmirzadi, Aliakbar Gholampour, Alireza Kashanic, Tuan D. Ngo- link
  25. Set-on-demand approaches for geopolymers in concrete 3D printing
    • Authors: Shravan Muthukrishnan, Sayanthan Ramakrishnan, Jay Sanjayan- link
  26. Life cycle assessment of a low-height noise barrier for railway traffic noise
    • Authors: Mariam Abdulkareem, Jouni Havukainen, Jutta Nuortila-Jokinen, Mika Horttanainen- link
  27. Examining layer height effects on the flexural and fracture response of plain and fiber-reinforced 3D-printed beams
    • Authors: Sooraj A.O. Nair, Avinaya Tripathi, Narayanan Neithalath- link
  28. Comparison between Methods for Indirect Assessment of Buildability in Fresh 3D Printed Mortar and Concrete
    • Authors: Irina Ivanova, Egor Ivaniuk, Sameercharan Bisetti, Venkatesh N. Nerella, Viktor Mechtcherine- link
  29. Development of Photocatalytic 3D-Printed Cementitious Mortars: Influence of the Curing, Spraying Time Gaps and TiO2 Coating Rates
    • Authors: Behzad Zahabizadeh, Iran Rocha Segundo, João Pereira, Elisabete Freitas, Aires Camões, Carlos J. Tavares, Vasco Teixeira, Vítor M. C. F. Cunha, Manuel F. M. Costa, Joaquim O. Carneiro- link

Hope the above Knowledge links will be useful and become fruitul input for the Next steps, evolutions, escalations, bigger, faster & (even more) automated 🙂

Stay 3D posted 😉

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