Andrey Rudenko is back! The same man who brought you the famous 3D printed castle pictured below has teamed up with Timothy Lankau, CEO of Hive 3D in Texas to print a residential structure utilizing standard portland cement from the local store.

The ability to use a standard cement mix without having to ship in expensive experimental materials often from overseas unlocked huge savings in comparison to the $600-1200 a ton some groups pay to get material to use all said and done after shipping.

The machine they used has a smaller layer height than some of the other printers we have seen used to construct homes from 3d printed mortar. This allows them to get really intricate designs in the wall which you can see in the thumbnail image of the video below.

Not only did I get to tour their 3,150 sqft 3d printed house in Texas right after it was printed, I also got to sit down with the hive CEO and CTO in my podcast studio over a few Stellas to discuss what got them interested in 3d printed construction, how they met Andrey, and how they plan on revolutionizing the construction industry in the future. Have a listen for yourself below!

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  1. Amazing eye-opening discussions with a great team of actual doers. The focus on “super lean” in 3DCP is the right thing to do. Keep up the great work, Jarett Gross

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