Diamond Age wants to automate construction and they have been doing a pretty solid job so far! Earlier this year they announced 27 tools which will be utilized by an on site construction gantry system. So far 8/27 tools have been developed in a beta stage including a detachable concrete printing extruder head.

This all sounds great but more impressively they recently listed some of their printed homes for sale starting around $275,000 which is a moderate price in Eloy, Az where the median home price is $255,000.

They have a wide range available, it’s pretty cool to see this many printed homes flying under the radar. You can check them out for yourself here.

The Diamond Age CTO is an ex-Tesla employee who has a penchant for automated manufacturing. I was lucky enough to get him on my podcast and discuss some of their vision. The approach they are taking towards automation fantastic because they are trying to automate a huge chunk of the work vs some other groups which just print walls. Hopefully as the industry progresses we continue to see teams increasing the automation on their job sites and a larger percent of the labor is completed by machines instead of human labor.

If you are curious what the machine is supposed to look like here is a shorter youtube video I put together from the limited footage Diamond Age has shared online of their construction automation intentions.

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  1. Jarett,
    Really great review of Diamond Age. I first heard about them from you mentioning them on a LinkedIn post that popped up in my feed. So great to see you dive in and breakdown a little more of what they are trying to accomplish with their system. With so many companies jumping into this space, it’s getting harder and harder to keep track!

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