MiCob private limited is a 3D printing company in India whose primary clients are the India defense military. They provide customized 3D Concrete Printing solution for various sectors like Infrastructure, Housing, Architecture, Outdoor furniture, etc. which is backed by years of research. Just like most 3D printing companies, the founders of MICOB- Ankita Sinha, Rishabh Mathur and Shashank Shekhar, had foreseen the impact 3D printing would have on the construction industry and joined it. 

One of the founders of MiCob Shashank Shekhar, a graduate in Civil engineering and a PHD graduate in 3D concrete printing, mentioned the intent of MiCob private limited in a podcast with automate construction. The intent of the company is not only to develop the 3D printing technology, but to solve problems using the technology. The company works closely with its clients and also educates them on- the scope of work to be carried out, the material to be used, the possible options on building with 3D technology, the type of finishes, the multiple modes of construction and the advantages as well as the disadvantages of every action carried out. They optimize time, cost and ensure things are delivered as discussed with the client. MiCob offers transparency in products, services and after-sales services for a lasting relationship with our clients.

MiCob deals on prefabrication construction i.e. they do most printing offsite. The company provides smaller versions of structures with the same quality that is to be constructed, in other to create a visual picture and increase the level of comfort for their clients in entrusting them with the project.

How It Began.

MiCob started the company selling only furniture. They started their journey with creating custom furniture, which was sold in different regions if India. After the company got in contact with the problems facing the military defense, they decided to focus on the military defense to ensure that they were solving a problem that otherwise won’t be solved.

MiCob developed their first gantry system in 2017, using grants from various government agencies in India. The second system was built in 2020. Both gantry systems where primarily used for research of software and material. In order to print long lasting structures that lasts about 5 to 10 decades, the company continually learnt from mistakes made in the research and built upon it. The company used a simple extruder in their research phase which they developed themselves. Materials were mixed in a separate pan mixer and poured into a hopper. Later on, they switched to using a combination of a continuous mixer which was coupled with a progressive screw cavity pump, and now, the company uses a combined mixer provided by Mtech. The gradual growth process of the company led to the brilliant and recognized MiCob known today.

MiCob currently supplies products to the military defense in India. They recently concluded various projects such as; a G plus one building which serves  as a watchtower, a G plus one building- housing about 64 soldiers, one G three building which is a conventional RCC structure having 3D printed wall panels. MiCob’s business plan is to deliver products that are 3D printed. Products such as bunker RI which is movable and can be deployed on site in 2 to 3 days when printed (which would take about 30 to 35 days using the traditional construction method), and large shelters that are printed in about 10 to 15 days. The company is keen on creating value added products. Selling printers is not a plan in the agenda of the company, however, MiCob is structuring a franchise model that would be made across nations at specific location in order to educate people on how to use the printers. Through this franchise, they would be able to create landscaping and furniture using 3D printing. This model will be available in about one to two months. MiCob is introducing a hybrid model into the construction industry where standard components like slabs, beams, and columns are made by conventional means while all non-load bearing components like walls are 3D printed; this also improves stability of the structure. The company is also expanding its factories by opening three (3) more units at strategic locations, and this will further help reduce the cost of production. MiCob is a team with a strong background in Construction, Automation, and Project management, supported by experienced mentors from a diverse background. Our high-performance solutions are backed by years of research at IIT Gandhinagar. 

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