The process of building houses hasn’t changed much in the last 100 years. Like many other 3D startups, Diamond Age set out to solve the problem of housing, but with a fresh spin on 3D printing technology. Co-founders Jack Oslan and Russell Varone identified the housing problem and came up with 3D printing as a solution. They spoke with land developers, structural engineers, architects, and representatives of building materials. All their conversations received mixed reactions, but they continued their search, knowing the potential of the 3D printing industry. After gaining momentum, Jack created a business thesis while Russell created a technology thesis. Established in 2018 and situated in Phoenix, Arizona, the company has created a Robotics-as-a-Service system that automates new home construction for the production housing market, utilizing 3D printing, mechatronics, and robotics. The company aims to address the difficulties faced by the construction industry, such as labor scarcity, high costs, and lengthy construction schedules.

Diamond Age has always been a company dedicated to its cause. Everyone who worked in the early days of Diamond Age knew each other, familiar with each other’s quirks and strengths. They could all weld, machine, and CAD. They were all hands-on builders who did everything themselves, which was crucial. An early team established the culture of always being hands-on with the machines. There were no department managers or directors, and even though the company is still growing, they are all intimately connected to the work, which is how they pushed a startup that can move the 3D printing industry.

Diamond Age’s 3D printing-based response to housing challenges is more environmentally friendly than traditional construction methods. The company uses sustainable materials, reducing waste and the environmental impact of building. The system also produces less noise and pollution, making it a more environmentally friendly option. Diamond Age can produce residences of all sizes and shapes thanks to the system’s scalability. The company’s emphasis on sustainability is not only great for the environment, but it also helps consumers save money on building costs. Furthermore, the approach has the potential to manufacture homes in as little as 30 days, significantly reducing construction cycle times and allowing for quick occupancy. This can help to address the issue of affordable housing, which is a big concern in many areas. The success of Diamond Age has not gone unnoticed, and the company has already made tremendous gains in its aim to change the building sector. The business just raised $50 million in a series A fundraising round, which it will use to expand its robots platform and complete its first commercial contract to build homes. The company has also grown in size and intends to expand further. Diamond Age’s technology has evolved significantly since its previous funding round, allowing it to print and construct a 2,000-square-foot single-story home. The business delivered its first scaled version of its system, as well as a full-scale 3-bed, 2-bath house in 11 months – 4 months ahead of plan. This led to the company’s first deal with a national homebuilder, the details of which the founders are keeping under wraps for the time being, but they anticipate that announcement will come shortly.

One of the major challenges the 3D industry is facing is the lack of exposure to the public. Diamond Age needs to educate the public about the benefits of automated construction. Many people are not familiar with the technology and may not understand how it works or why it is beneficial. However, companies like Automated Construction, whose sole purpose is to bring 3D printing of houses into the limelight, are certain that the public is not far from noticing this brilliant technology. As more people become aware of the labor shortages and challenges facing the construction industry


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